Short Story.

Monday already?! Oh boy! I am so exhausted from this weekend I could fall asleep right now.  We finally got our new computer up and running [it only took all night] and while I was gathering some things off our old hard drive, I found something I wrote for an English Class. I think it’s a pretty stellar piece and I want to share it with you guys.  It’s a short story that is fiction but based on true events involving myself, James and my MIL. So here it is! Let me know what you think!


Megan sits on the hot sticky leather chair. Her brown hair is braided back, her soft hands quickly sort through the box of random knick knacks from James’ room, “Garbage, garbage, donate…garbage” She stops as she comes across a picture of her and James a few years ago on their first date, “Keep.” She smiles to herself.
“Fucking ridiculous.” Megan jumps at the sound of the door slamming as James trudges in the house. “We’re leaving.” He says sternly to Megan as he heads up the stairs.

“What happened?” Megan calls out to James as she slowly gets up from the chair, playing with her hands, confused by James’ actions. The side door gets thrown open again and James’ mother marches in.

“I don’t get what your problem is!” Ann yells at James as she throws her muddy gardening gloves on the kitchen counter. “I just wanted you to move some plants for me!” James comes barreling down the stairs, each step a house shaking thud. He throws his bags on the ground and storms into the kitchen.

“Seriously Mom? You think this is about that? You’re delusional.” James begins collecting his computer. Megan started packing up her homework, trying to stay out of the gunfire.

“All I ask is that you come over every once in a while and help me. That’s what a son is supposed to do.” Ann grabs a beer from the fridge and slides it into a Rock Dam Paint Company cozy. James spins around; his face is burgundy with anger, his jaw shaking from clenching.

“I can’t take weeks upon weeks off of work because you need help changing the ink cartridge in the printer or mowing the lawn! What about your other son? Did you forget John still lives here? Oh wait, he can’t help you because he works four hours a night at Menards and has to play Xbox all day long. God forbid he got off his lazy ass to change a light bulb but I have to drive two hours on a minute’s notice to unload the dishwasher!” James threw his hands up in the air in disgust and continued gathering his things.

“I still don’t get why you’re so upset.” Ann slowly drank her Budweiser while leaning against the counter.

“It’s everything Mom, everything. Your insane expectations of me, the dog situation…”

“Well I think it’s entirely stupid of you two, to be getting a dog.” Ann cut James off and walked into the living room. She laid back in the chair and closed her eyes.

“I’m 22 years old, it’s my money, and it’s my life. If Megan and I want to get a dog, we will get a dog.”

“Well fine then, I won’t pay for your college anymore.” Ann sat up, set down her beer and began searching through her Kmart catalog.

“I. Don’t. Care! I have a semester left, I’ll get student loans, Megan’s dad will help me with that. I don’t care mom, I don’t care! I can’t deal with you anymore!” James hustles back up the stairs to get the rest of his and Megan’s things. Megan quickly finishes packing up her backpack, she couldn’t wait to leave. Ann looks up from her catalog at Megan.

“Can’t deal with me anymore? I’m his mother, what is so difficult about dealing with me?” Megan rolls her eyes and begins to walk away. “Excuse me, what is with the eye rolling?” Ann gets up and follows Megan into the kitchen.

“Ann you just don’t get it. You’re putting pressure on him, on us. You’re causing him to act this way.” Megan shakes her head.

“No. You’re causing him to act this way. He never wants to come home anymore and it’s because of you.” Ann throws her beer bottle into the garbage and grabs a new one from the fridge.

“Are you serious?!” Megan cries out. “I’m not dealing with this anymore! First you tell everyone at dinner that I’m going to get pregnant and trap him into being with me. Then, to make up for it you buy our tickets to Vegas, only to hold it over our heads every time we can’t come to help clean up your mess of a house! You have issues! You’re a hoarder! A drunk!”

“You’re such a bitch.” Ann points her finger at Megan. James comes back downstairs with the last of the bags.

“ENOUGH!” He bellows. James hands some bags to Megan and grabs his keys off the counter.

“You’re leaving?” Ann raises an eyebrow as her eyes darted back and forth from Megan to James. “You wouldn’t be leaving if your father was here…”

“He’s not.” James chokes back his tears and turns towards the door. Megan quickly steps outside and begins packing up the car. James stops at the door and glances around at what was once his home. Boxes upon boxes are stacked in front of the brick fireplace that sent him on his first trip to the hospital. Newspapers and receipts cover the table that once held Thanksgiving dinner. Clothes, bags and boxes of toys supposedly being donated block the stairs to the basement. James looks back at his mom. She was trying to open another Budweiser.

“I knew you would always choose that slut over me!” Ann throws her beer at James. It shatters against the kitchen wall; the beer shimmers in the morning light as it drips down. James shook his head and looks at his mom one last time.

“I wish you died instead of Dad.”


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