Bridal Showers Galore!

This weekend was insane.  I had my first of 3 or 4 bridal showers, and my bachelorette party! I am so tired, thank god work is slow today. 🙂  All the festivities were on Saturday, which made for an extremely busy and long day, but boy was it fun!!

My Aunts planned my bridal shower and it was at this adorable italian restaurant with seriously the yummiest food I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating.  I order spinach ravioli and boy was I in heaven. I’m seriously drooling right now as I’m remember how great it tasted. And the cake, oh my gosh the cake! It was so freaking cute. It was chocolate & vanilla but it was moist and fluffy and the frosting, oh my god. Creamy and Delicious.

The games that my ‘maids came up with were super fun too. The first one we played was a crossword timed game. The crossword asked things about myself and James, like our careers, the church we’re getting married in, month we got engaged etc…That was super cute. The guests raced against each other to see who could answer all the questions and complete the crossword first.  Then the guest played Bridal Bingo while I opened my gifts. Bridal Bingo is where everyone gets a blank bingo sheet, and they fill in the spaces with gifts they think I”ll receive.  If I open a gift that they have in one of their spaces, they get to cross it off and yell Bingo when they get 5 in a row. That was especially fun for my younger cousins.

Everything went great, it was awesome to see my family, my cousins and my friends did a great job with the games and hosting, especially my aunts! I have another shower to attend on Wednesday but this one is a Wedding Shower, so men will be there. I’m not really looking forward to that one.  It’s my MIL extended family, like HER 2nd cousins and aunts, so like mega extended.  I’ve met most of them only once, and a handful of them twice.  So I get to partake in the super awkward repetitive conversation of  “My job is ____, Yes it’s fun I do this___, Wedding planning is going great, Our colors are mainly green, and natural/earth tones, Yup I’m really excited blah…blah…blah….”

Don’t get me wrong, they’re super nice, it’s just uncomfortable for me because I hardly know anyone.  And James always takes off and leaves me by myself. [Bring on the anxiety attacks] Plus this thing is going to last all afternoon/evening. We’re leaving at 12:30, arrive at 3, dinner at 6, and it might be over around 8 or 9, then the 2 1/2 hour drive home. UGH. Plus did I mention we have to carpool with my MIL? I’m trying to put on a ‘brave face’ about it, but it’s hard.

Then after Wednesday, I still have another shower at the end of July, this time it’s James’ dad’s side of the family. PLUS my MIL’s neighborhood might put one on for us. That’s a whole lotta showers, and a whole lotta cake. I hope I can still fit in my wedding dress after all that! 🙂

How many Bridal Showers do you typically have? Are they all Bridal/just women? Or do you have a few Wedding Showers that include men too? Let’s hear it!

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