Sassy Pants Marie

Today I was at work having lunch with my co-workers in the breakroom.  My one co-worker, Emily, had forgotten a fork and asked if there were any in the breakroom [there usually isn’t].  My other co-worker says, “Actually there is! The big trident fork is in here.” [no lie, this fork is gigantic!] So Emily asks, “where is it?” And I responded automatically, “In the drawer, where it belongs” with enough sass to fill a football stadium.  Of course all my co-workers made fun of me, but that’s when it hit me.

Crap, I say that A LOT. And not just to anyone, but to James.  And all I could think about was how many times he couldn’t find something and would ask me where it was.  I would always respond, “in such and such place, where it belongs.” It made me realize how much those words must sting. Saying, where it belongs, is just like saying, duh you should know that or are you stupid? It’s where it’s always at. The last thing I ever want is to make James feel stupid.

I know how annoyed I get with him when he constantly asks me questions, or over worries about things.  So I can imagine he probably gets annoyed with my sassy, ‘where it belongs‘ comment. I should probably work on not saying that, and not being so sassy all the time.  Geeze, I wonder what else I have to work on?

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